The following terms and conditions apply whenever you attend a class, workshop or event at Stanley Ave Studio or engage with us to purchase a class, pass or membership or deal with us online via our website and various social media platforms – be that to access, browse or log-in to any of our online services. By engaging with us in any of the above stated ways you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and accepted all of our terms and conditions detailed below.

General Terms and Conditions

Stanley Ave Studio is a boutique art, meditation and yoga studio. If the instructor decides that the class, workshop, event you want to attend is full teachers may refuse entry. Teacher/instructors are subject to change without notice and reserve the right to refuse entry at any time.

Specific terms and conditions associated with individual classes, memberships and offers are outlined within the booking section of our website.

Check-In and arrive on time

All participants must check-in at front-of-house reception prior to participating in a class

Please arrive at the studio 5-10 mins early before your class, workshop or event to avoid missing out. We can’t guarantee your spot will be held for you if you arrive late.

For safety and security reasons no late entry is permitted and the front sliding door will be locked at the beginning of each class. So please ensure you arrive early for your class, workshop or event

Please check-in with the teacher before every class – otherwise you may be marked as being absent for the class.


All class, workshop, and events must be pre-booked on our website or booking app

Due to on-going Covid restrictions and reporting procedures we insist that all class, workshop, and event attendees book, register and pay online prior to coming to the studio. If a class has spare spaces the instructor may occasionally allow walk-ins however we insist that you still book and pay online at the studio, either with your mobile device or via one provided to you by the instructor.

No liability

Stanley Ave Studio is not liable to transfer, refund or offer any kind of compensation If you are unable to attend a class, workshop, or event.

Stanley Ave Studio offers no refunds for services or products if you change your mind, or because of illness, injury or any other reason. Once made, all purchases are final.

All of our class passes and membership are strictly non-transferable and cannot be shared.

Cancellation Policy - Need to cancel a private function booking?

Our classes are limited in size to give everyone the best possible experience. Please only book a class that you are certain that you can attend.

We hope you never need to cancel, but we understand that sometimes life can throw up unexpected challenges. However Private Function deposits are non-refundable. Once paid, your deposit secures your preferred date, so others can’t book that date. In case you need to cancel or reschedule your Private Function, more than 3 weeks prior to the event, then the  deposit can be transferred to an alternate date that suits yourself and Stanley Ave Studio. Or we can give you a studio credit.

If you paid the full amount and there are more than 3 weeks before the session date, we can reschedule your private function to another date that is suitable for you and also our studio.

However we are unable to refund or reschedule private functions within the 3 weeks before your planned session date. The full amount will be forfeited. So just let us know early so we can assist you in a timely manner.

Waiting List

The boutique nature of our studio means that our small classes fill up quickly.  If a class is already booked, we invite you to join our waiting list.  You must have opted-in to receive text message notifications from us. Please reply promptly to confirm your spot as we cannot hold your spot open.

Update your Notifications settings on our website: under “Account Info’.

Taking Care of yourself and your belongings at Stanley Ave Studio

Please take care of your own personal belongings as Stanley Avenue Studio is not responsible for the safekeeping of your belongings, yoga equipment or personal items.

You are advised to seek your own medical advice from your qualified medical practitioner prior to attending classes, workshops, or events at Stanley Avenue Studio. By booking and attending classes, workshops, or events you acknowledge, confirm, and understand that it is solely your responsibility to inform the teacher or instructor about any medical condition, injury, illness or discomfort, or if or are pregnant prior to joining any class, workshop or event.

By booking and attending classes, workshops, or events at Stanley Avenue Studio you acknowledge, confirm and understand that these may be physically challenging and strenuous and that you participate in these classes, workshops and events in the full knowledge that there is an inherent risk of personal injury, property damage and/or death.  Furthermore, you agree that neither you, nor your legal representative, guardians, heirs or other assigned will make any claims of any kind whatsoever against Stanley Avenue Studio or its staff, officers, contractors, consultants, employees, members, or directors in the event of any personal injury, loss or damage of property or wrongful death, whether the cause was by negligence or any other cause, reason, or circumstance.

Pregnant or just had a baby? Our policy

At Stanley Ave Studio we do not have specifically designed prenatal classes but are happy for you to practice with us up during your pregnancy. However it is soley your responsibility to seek your own medical advice and formal approval from your doctor or qualified medical health practitioner prior to attending any classes, workshops or events at Stanley Ave Studio. Please inform your class instructor/teacher before the class about your pregnancy and what month you are up-to so that the teacher can offer you specific modifications for safe practice.

6-8 weeks after giving birth you will need to have a check-up and get clearance from your GP or obstetrician before you can start attending our normal or one of our special Mum’s & Bubs classes at Stanley Ave Studio (NB: A pre-screening form must be completed prior to attending a special Mums & Bubs Yoga class at Stanley Ave studio). Mothers will need to take full responsibility and supervision of their baby during the mum’s & bubs classes. Bubs must not be at the mobile walking or crawling stage and must have head control to participate.

Some women prefer to attend classes without their babies to regenerate and take care of themselves.

Filming of yoga classes

By joining one of our classes, workshop or event at Stanley Ave Studio you acknowledge and agree that in future some of these classes, workshops and events in our studio may be photographed and filmed so that we can offer them for future viewing in our online studio and/or on our Youtube video-streaming platform. If you happened to be filmed or photographed you consent and agree to the us uploading this digital content/footage to our online platforms and that we can also use this photographic and video footage for future promotional activities, on our website and various social media accounts and for whatever other purposes we need. We will always respect your personal privacy and we will never disclose your identity with any published photographic or video footage.

We can also advise you of the designated zones within the studio that will be captured in these videos in case you wish to move to an area not within view.

Gift Card Policy

  • Gift Cards can be purchased online or in studio

  • Gift cards are valid for one year, from the date of purchase

  • Gift cards are transferable. And can be claimed another person

  • You can pay the excess using another payment method if you want to make a purchase for an amount that exceeds the value of the gift card.

  • All gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash

  • Lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced or refunded

  • We do not accept gift cards purchased from other businesses

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