How do I book a class?

The first step is click on a “Book here” or “Book Class” button/link and following the prompts to create a Stanley Ave Studio account through our PunchPass booking system online, either on your smart phone or via the Stanley Ave Studio website.

Everyone must book online to attend a class. Walk-ins can use our iPad to book themselves in – but as this takes time we encourage you to book online prior to walking into the studio. Details and a QR booking code link are displayed on our door.

You can create an account by clicking here

Do I need to bring anything to the studio?

We provide all the yoga mats, bolsters and props but you are welcome to bring your own. Some guests like to bring a clean cotton sheet of their own to lay on top of our mats. But we clean and wipe down our mats regularly. For comfort we recommend wearing suitable yoga and fitness clothing that stretch easily and are comfortable when you move about.

In summer it is important to keep hydrated so you may want to bring a water bottle.

Feel free to bring a hand towel, especially if you are attending a vigorous class.

Check-in and arrival for your class.

All participants must check-in at front-of-house reception prior to participating in a class. We only allow in-person attendees who are double vaccinated with an approved Covid-19 vaccine by checking their vaccine status/certificate. Even though you have booked in online we follow government mandate health rules and you must register you’re attendance using the QR code displayed at our entrance or sign in manually.

Please arrive at the studio 5-10 mins early before your class, workshop or event to avoid missing out. We can’t guarantee your spot will be held for you if you arrive late.

For safety and security reasons no late entry is permitted and the front sliding door will be locked at the beginning of each class. So please ensure you arrive early for your class, workshop or event

Please check-in with the teacher before every class – otherwise you may be marked as being absent for the class.

Should I bring my phone?

Bringing your phone is fine, but once the class is about to commence we believe you (and others) will have a better experience if you disconnect, and put it on silent or in flight mode when in the studio.

What about meditation?

If you are new to meditation we recommend you start with one of our 20 min guided Mindfullness Meditation sessions. These sessions are suitable for absolute beginners and experienced meditators alike. They allow you to slow down and give our often busy minds a rest so that students can become more mindful, connected and self aware.

Within our Yin yoga and restorative yoga sessions teachers promote deeply restorative lying down practices designed to calm the nervous system. You will be fully supported with the use of bolsters, blankets, cushions and eye pillows to get you feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Students can expect to be guided through relaxing scans of the body, yoga nidra, breath work or simple mantras.

For those who like to meditate in the evening we encourage you to join our Melbourne Insight Meditation sitting group on Tuesday evenings. All are welcome – no experience is required. It’s not only a great way to switch off from the often hectic pace of life and unwind from the busy day and help you recharge your mind and body but it can help you establish a regular mediation practice in your life. In these evening sits you will be able to connect with other like-minded people and learn to mediate in different meditation postures, which include lying down, standing and walking as well as various ways to sit more comfortable. More info: www.melbourneinsightmediation.org

We welcome guests of all ages. All students under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a guardian or parent and concession passes are available.

Please note: meditation is contraindicated and can be harmful for people with complex trauma, PTSD, Substance Dependence or Psychosis. If in doubt, please seek advice from a psychologist or psychiatrist.


We encourage you to take off your shoes and leave them in the shoe rack outside the main yoga room

We encourage you to bring a hand towel, especially if you are attending a more vigorous class.

Some guests like to bring a clean cotton sheet to lay on top of our mats.

Improving our studio

We take pride in our studio and want to continuously improve what we are doing – so if you see anything that we could do better – please let us know. We try to keep everything as clean and fresh as possible but if something is not up to your standard please let us know so we can resolve any issues. We ant to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your visit to our studio.

You can contact us at hart@stanleyavestudio.com.au

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